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want to buy methamphetamine

Can the United States Postal Service open my mail?

want to buy methamphetamine The short answer is, “Yes, sometimes.”  While the USPS does not have carte blanche to open any package for any reason, there are circumstances where they have that right.

  • Depending upon the method of delivery, the post office may open a package or letter to ensure that the correct postage was paid.
  • If a package is deemed as “suspicious” it may be turned over to Postal Inspectors.
  • So-called “dead mail” that remains unclaimed and abandoned may be opened.

What about private package carriers, like UPS and FedEx?

Private shipping companies and courier services set their own rules and regulations. For example, UPS states that the company “reserves the right to open and inspect any package tendered to it for transportation. want to buy methamphetamine

want to buy methamphetamine

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